Partner with us to build a Hurricane Shelter.

Grand Bahama’s first purposed built hurricane shelter.

Grand Bahama does not have a dedicated hurricane shelter. We currently use churches, schools, and public buildings to fill this void during a hurricane. Experiencing first-hand the harrowing effects of Hurricane Dorian accentuated the desperate need for a hurricane shelter in Grand Bahama.

The purpose of the shelter/soup kitchen will be to provide one hot meal to the poor and needy, five days a week and to house families and individuals during and after hurricanes until they are able to return to their homes.

The facility will have female and male bathrooms with showers and Lockers. There will be a large kitchen, as well as a large open multi-purpose area. The open area will be used as a sleeping area during hurricanes (we will use cots) and a dining area all year round. We will have portable partitions to keep families together and separators for designating male and female areas. It will also be used for seminars and educational forums for the public.


Building a real hurricane shelter/soup kitchen is our focus. The architectural plans have been approved and the footing is completed. We had a groundbreaking ceremony in February 2020 but were unable to continue construction because of Covid-19.

This new structure will be 4,200 sq. ft. It will be 4 feet above ground and fully equipped with a generator and all essential amenities to accommodate approximately 250 to 300 persons. The cost to build the facility is approximately $650,000.00 (six hundred and fifty thousand dollars). This includes the generator, water system, paving and landscaping.

Your contributions will allow us to continue this project and meet our goal of completion before the hurricane season of 2022.
We cannot do this alone, to this end we look forward to you partnering with us.


Now is your chance to be a part of something extraordinary!