Our Story.

The women of the Freeport SDA church assisted the Red Cross in providing hot meals daily to those less fortunate in Grand Bahama. They provided us with a list of names, to which we added names of people we knew were also in need. We provided each person with one (1) hot meal, five (5) days a week.

Additionally, we held a Goodwill Fair once a year where we gave out bags of non-perishable food items.  Under the big Tent people had the opportunity to collect clothes, shoes, accessories, and household goods.

We saw that the need in our community was so great that we wanted to expand and do more. As a result, Mr. Benjamin Franklyn Sands spearheaded the construction of our current building which is the Evangeline Jervis Community Center.  We have been providing food, clothes, and a whole lot more on a daily basis for the past Thirteen (13) years.

On January 11th 2009, the building was dedicated and named after Mrs. Evangeline Jervis of Hawksbill who dedicated her life to serving her community. The Evangeline Jervis Community Service Distribution Center is used solely for the purpose of providing to those less fortunate in Grand Bahama. Since our dedication we have been providing food, clothes, and household items. After the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian we received a lot of donations from various organizations, to which we have distributed everything to the community of Grand Bahama. Since then, we have held two (2) large fairs where we have provided hot food, non perishable food items, toiletries, clothes, shoes and household goods to over a thousand (1,000) people.

The category five (5) Hurricane Dorian was a horrific, devastating catastrophe that altered our perception of life. This resulted in a significant change in the way many Grand Bahamians live. We realized that Grand Bahama currently does not have a real, dedicated hurricane shelter as we currently use: churches, schools and public buildings to house those who are required to leave their homes during a storm. Many of the churches, and schools had to house their occupants for an extended period of time, leaving those facilities in dire need of extensive repairs. We realized that this situation accentuated the desperate need for a state-of-the-art Hurricane Shelter. Upon this realization the idea to build Grand Bahamas first dedicated Hurricane Shelter was born. Construction 60% completed, our goal is to have the Hurricane Shelter completed before August of 2022.